Sun Shower Curtain- Phlox Sun Shower Curtain- Phlox Sun Shower Curtain- Phlox

Sun Shower Curtain- Phlox

Quiet Town



Safe, non-chlorinated (zero off-gassing) EVA with the most crystal-clear colour and transparency.

Quiet Town EVA is PVC and BPA-free.

You'll know it's a Quiet Town curtain by its luxuriously heavy weight and the embossed QT logo. We applied the same thoughtful details to our Sun Shower collection as we did to our canvas curtains: 100% brass grommets & rounded corners so the Sun Showers can be used alone or as a liner with our canvas curtains.

Added Bonus: Our Sun Shower curtains are made from a heavy, 12 gauge EVA so it won't "stick" to you in the shower.

Colour may appear more or less saturated depending on drape and light in your space.

Colour: Bright Pink

Dimensions: W 180 x H 180 cm, 1kg

Material: 100% EVA made in China, 100% Turkish brass grommets, Hand-sewn in the USA

Care instruction: At the first sign of soapy residue, gently scrub clean with a gentle spray cleaner and soft-bristled brush. For more details on caring for your Sun Shower curtain, please see Quiet Town FAQ's. Extreme Heat (temperatures over 120˚F/48˚C) will melt the E.V.A.  



Quiet Town make bath accessories in Brooklyn, the U.S. and abroad. Everything they do begins with function, followed by design and a serious vetting of manufacturing partners and raw materials. Quiet Town products are made to age--the more rumpled, washed and loved the better. As concerned citizens of the world they don’t take being here lightly. This means Quiet Town only make things we need and things that last.