Facette soap- Powder Facette soap- Powder Facette soap- Powder Facette soap- Powder Facette soap- Powder

Facette soap- Powder




A three-colour cold saponified superfatted solid soap that gently washes the body and eliminates impurities . Formulated with organic coconut oil and sesame oil, it cleanses effectively and leaves skin clean and soft after use. Fragrant with powdery notes.

Made: Handmade in CIMENT's artisanal soap factory in Paris 

SCENT: Powder

Size: 100g

Features: Natural fragrance, Organic oils, Without essential oils, pH adapted to everyone, Artisanal manufacturing

Care instructions: Use this soap in a fairly traditional way then rinse with water. Suitable for all skin types. Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest or get in eyes. Do not use on a wound.



CIMENT is the result of a meeting, that of Solène and Jérémy who share a vision of consuming better, more locally, in a more responsible way. It is around this commitment that they developed CIMENT, artisanal cold saponified soaps using organic ingredients , without allergens and without essential oils. Our soaps are all made by hand, in our Bordeaux and Paris laboratories. These are simple, graphic products that are respectful of the skin and the environment.

Solène has been passionate about cold saponification for several years. After training in cosmetic legislation, she began producing full-time and joined forces with Jérémy, passionate about crafts, to bring solid soap up to date, by creating healthy soaps but not only that! The soaps are beautiful, graphic, smell good and moisturize the skin.