No.5 Muddy Earth No.5 Muddy Earth No.5 Muddy Earth No.5 Muddy Earth

No.5 Muddy Earth


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When rumbling, rain-filled clouds roll in on a steamy summer’s afternoon, our senses eagerly await. The first drops greet the ground, the richness of soft orris root unfurling from beneath its cloak of velvety, verdant moss. As the heavens open, a cleansing storm collides with once-parched terrain – the unmistakable aroma of petrichor permeates the air, enrapturing the spirit in a moment of pure bliss. Muddy Earth is a call to embrace Mother Nature’s true majesty, awakened by the elements within.



FEATURES: Biodegradable wax, free from pesticides, palm oil, petroleum and GMOs 

MATERIALS: 100% soy wax, made using pure soy beans

MADE: Hand-poured in Newtown 



From humble beginnings in a Newtown backyard to a light-filled industrial enclave on May Street, Hunter Candles remains a true embodiment of the creative energy and distinct community culture that courses through our art-filled streets. Every Hunter Candles blend is born from a moment in time, a memory, a muse - a scent undiscovered, yet somehow intoxicatingly familiar.

Drawing inspiration from every corner of consciousness, the Hunter Candles collection is destined to inspire, surprise and excite. Whether you want to revitalise and reawaken the senses, soothe the soul or spark desire within, Hunter Candles serves evocative, down-to-earth scents that are utterly unique.

Hunter Candles know the perfect candle has the power to completely transform your mood. Whether you want the weight of the world lifted, or a scent to celebrate a special moment, they're obsessed with creating olfactive experiences that’ll have you feeling amazing.