Le Soliste- Fermented Rice Water Le Soliste- Fermented Rice Water Le Soliste- Fermented Rice Water Le Soliste- Fermented Rice Water Le Soliste- Fermented Rice Water

Le Soliste- Fermented Rice Water




For​​ sensitive, dull skin. Post-biotic Face + Body Cleansing Bar. Vegan.

LE SOLISTE is the perfect gentle cleansing bar for the face. A minimalist and fragrance-free essential to compliment every skincare regiment. LE SOLISTE gently removes impurities, resulting in radiant, glowing skin.

Postbiotic Fermented Rice Water dates back to a long tradition of use in Japanese cleansing and toning rituals. During the fermentation process, rice proteins are broken down into skin-loving amino acids as well as conditioning Vitamins B and E.

Made in the South of France, our botanical cleansing bars are super-fatted to deposit nourishing plant lipids onto the surface of the skin. Our soaps are fabricated by hand using ancestral cold process methods and are cured for over 6 weeks to obtain the optimal gentle creamy lather.

Benefits: Brightening and Conditioning

KEY INGREDIENTS: Fermented Rice Water

SCENT: Unscented

OILS & BUTTERS: Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil

Size: 115g. Soap bars are hand-cut. Sizes/shapes may vary slightly.



ORRIS was founded in Paris by Kenneth Koo and Lani Le Berre in 2020. All of our products are handcrafted using traditional cold process soapmaking methods in the South of France (Provence).

ORRIS represents a modern self-care ritual attuned to the senses. Combining French savoir-faire with traditional cold process soapmaking techniques, ORRIS artisanal soaps are handcrafted in France using the finest oils, butters, and botanicals.
Drawing from traditions such as Ayurveda, Japanese cleansing rituals, and herbal medicine, each of our four botanical cleansing bars embodies a distinct persona and offers skincare benefits through the unique therapeutic and sensuous qualities of their natural ingredients.