A very Skandi Christmas

Welcome to a Skandinavisk Christmas of rituals, myth and magic.

When Skandinavisk created their Christmas candles, they wanted to distil the very best of a Scandinavian Christmas into them to bring a little magic into your home.

'Some scents are made to make you happy. When we blended the fragrances for our Christmas candles, we wanted to bring together the happiest moments from a Scandinavian Christmas: the scent of snow falling while you’re snowshoeing through the fields, the waft of pine that you smell as you hang your favourite ornaments on the Christmas tree, and the deliciously warming scents that come from the kitchen as you’re relaxing with family beside the fire.

The sense of smell has the uncanny ability to take you to a special place, and Christmas candle scents do this more than most. Here’s an indepth look at our best scented candles for Christmas.'

This year, along with our Christmas candles that bring the classic scents of the Scandinavian pine forest, snow, and cinnamon and clove into your home, we’ve introduced two new scents. TAKKA evokes the idea of a fireside chat, as the fire crackles and you talk and relax until the stars come out, deep into the night, while NORDLYS is a magical blend designed to have you dreaming of the dance of the northern lights in the sky. We’re bringing these all together in this year’s Skandinavisk Christmas candle collection, to add a light dusting of Scandinavian Christmas delight to you, wherever you are and however you celebrate this year.

Nature’s treasured light: SNÖ
SNÖ is Swedish for snow and is one of our key Christmas scented candles. Nature’s treasured light through the deep Scandinavian winter, snow provides a shining frosted blanket against the dominating darkness and is welcomed with open arms. From snow-dusted forests to frozen harbours where snow accumulates on icy water, and deep snow drifts where children play in colourful snowsuits with bright pink cheeks, it is a defining feature of our winter days in Scandinavia, and a perfect ingredient in our holiday candles.

Scent notes: Frozen forests and frosted berries, the sharp, fresh breath of subzero skies.

A Christmas Tree in a candle: SKOG
Swedish and Norwegian for ‘forest’, our pine-scented Christmas tree candle SKOG gets an update for Christmas. Driving to the forest to choose and chop down your own Christmas tree is a Scandinavian tradition. Traditionally decorated with small white candles and a golden star on the top, the tree is the heart of the family room through the season, presiding over gifts investigated by curious children, and perfuming the house. The clean, natural scent brings with it the freshness of a winter walk through the woods and the sight of green in a snowy landscape.

Our SKOG candles come in three-wick, two-wick and one-wick sizes, with lavish packaging and beautiful glass vase jars to complement a classic Christmas decorating scheme and create the ultimate Skandinavisk gifting experience this winter.

Scent notes: Pine needles and fir cones, birch sap and woodland lily of the valley.

The warmth of the fireplace: TAKKA
TAKKA, Finnish for ‘fireplace’, is our new evocative seasonal scent, created to reference the magnetic pull of the hearth, the crackle of kindling as the fire takes hold, the smoky notes of burning logs and the glow of faces mesmerised by the flames.

Join us around the fire as it dances through the spectrum from yellow to deep orange red, and fills the house with warmth.

Scent notes: Hacked pine and haysmoke, raw wool and rolling tobacco.

An otherworldly symphony: NORDLYS
For NORDLYS, we step outside into the cold night, wrapped in blankets and nursing mugs of hot cocoa, to watch the fires play in the sky. Scandinavian for ‘Northern Lights’, this candle celebrates one of nature’s seven wonders, a symphony of colour, movement and light that ripples across the Nordic night sky, leaving myths and legends in its wake.

Scent notes: Arctic intensity and celestial colour, a fragrance accord as unfamiliar as it is otherworldly.

A Scandinavian Christmas in a candle: JUL
We’ve saved JUL, the most evocative of all Christmas candles, for last. Scandinavian for ‘Christmas’, it brings together glowing windows in the darkness, generations gathered in harmony and tradition and Christmas treats tempting on the hearth. These most homely and sweet of Christmas scents speak to a nostalgic Christmas, calling back childhood memories and all the excitement of an unexpected gift.

As with our SKOG candles, JUL comes in three-wick, two-wick and one-wick sizes, with lavish packaging and beautiful glass vase jars to complement a classic Christmas decorating scheme and create the ultimate Skandinavisk gifting experience this winter.

Scent notes: Baked gingerbread and winter cloves, spiced oranges and mulled wine.

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