Ume Toilet Brush- Soft Grey Ume Toilet Brush- Soft Grey Ume Toilet Brush- Soft Grey

Ume Toilet Brush- Soft Grey




Ume is a soft, gentle and pleasant acquaintance. The VE2 designer trio is the force behind the superbly proportioned elements that create a solid and wonderfully balanced expression – for both the eye and hands. Ume is the Japanese word for plum tree and a symbol of elegance, patience and strength. The series is inspired by U, the first letter of its name, giving it both a modern and classical personality with exquisite and functional details.

The toilet brush is equipped with a practical inner container for easy disposal of any excess water. The brush has a handy length and slides easily into its place in the container.

P.N. The pedal bin and toilet brush in the Ume range are made from different materials and slight variations in colour can occur between these pieces.


Material: Stoneware, Soft touch/plastic

Dimensions: H 38.7cm x D 10cm

Colour: Soft Grey


Zone Denmark makes a statement that leaves you in no doubt. We interpret evolving trends, using our strong and clear DNA to create functional design for everyone. Expressed in a minimalistic and honest design language, our designs embrace new ideas, innovative solutions and exquisite materials. Our purpose is to challenge convention, inspire curiosity and create beauty.