Aromatic Candle- Sage, Saltbush, Musk Aromatic Candle- Sage, Saltbush, Musk

Aromatic Candle- Sage, Saltbush, Musk




A vibrant aromatic blend of herbaceous saltbush flowers layered atop clean salt-spray and sage, balanced by white wood and musk.

Invigorate the senses and clarify the mind with our clean burning candle that blends premium soy wax and pure cotton wick with natural aromatics by a master perfumer.

SIZE: 250g

FEATURES: An aromatic experience from the world's best steam distilled and cold pressed essential oils, plant extracts and botanicals. Free from paraffin, lead, synthetic fragrance and beeswax for a clean burn. 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free. Clean fragrances certified by the International Fragrance Association.

Hand poured at WØRKS studio in Melbourne.

Reusable glass vessel with low profile timber lid.

DIMENSIONS: h: 8.3 x w: 8.2

Burn time: 50 hour

FRAGRANCE: Sage, saltbush & musk



WØRKS is a boutique personal care brand that meets the needs of modern consumers by formulating organic, plant-based and biodegradable products that outperform their synthetic counterparts.

With Danish and Australian founders, WØRKS bridges the gap between renowned Scandinavian design and locally sourced raw materials. Our organic and aesthetic products for the hands, body and home are made ethically in Melbourne, Australia and designed authentically in Århus, Denmark.

We operate with a wholistic approach to good living, a strong focus on timeless design, and an unwavering commitment to environmental integrity to create high-end sensory products that enhance daily rituals and elevate interior spaces.