Cotton Bath Sponge Cotton Bath Sponge Cotton Bath Sponge Cotton Bath Sponge Cotton Bath Sponge

Cotton Bath Sponge

Andrée Jardin



The ecological Mediterranean Sea Sponge is hypoallergenic soft and highly absorbent. It is ideal for baths, cosmetic use for all types of skin, in particular for sensitive skin and baby care. This sponge is unique by its shape, you will never find two alike. 100% natural and biodegradable. It has been caught with the greatest respect in the deep seabed.

Designed & manufactured in: France 

Origin: Mediterranean

Dimensions: 12cm




A century ago, Andrée Jardin’s future husband, Georges Renée Julio, started out as an apprentice brush maker in Nantes. In 1947, he opened his own factory and the adventure began. Over the years the brush factory supplied more and more industrial clients, and from father to son, the company became specialised in tailor-made brushes. With the arrival of plastic and the beginning of globalization, what used to be called "Parisian goods" started to lose their value: hair brushes, toilet brushes, toothbrushes, make-up brushes, cloth brushes, cleaning brushes and brooms. To such a point that today it is still difficult to find an authentic broom, handbrush, or, even more, a real dust brush. Determined to refute this sad state of affairs, Jean-Baptiste and François-Marie, Andrée’s grandchildren, reissued the mythical brushes with French beechwood frames: Real brushes that last!