Double Loop- Smoke Double Loop- Smoke Double Loop- Smoke

Double Loop- Smoke

By Wirth

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Double loop is designed to hold your tea towels, newspaper, sunglasses or even your important papers. It is a oak hook mounted with two straps of leather. The hook itself is designed exactly as long as it need to be useful as an extra hook.

Designed & manufactured in: Denmark

Dimensions: W 1.8cm L 10cm /13cm

Colour: Smoked Oak



Primarily made in Denmark, by Wirth´s products are all made with love of the materials and their natural characteristics and interaction. The design is clean and functional, and will melt seamlessly into any style as well as simplify a busy everyday life.

Our philosophy is to make beautiful everyday design which can withstand frequent use -for many years. We work with genuine natural materials such as tanned leathers and FSC certified oak, which is why our products will age with beauty and patina.

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