Bringing solid soap back into fashion while promoting French craftsmanship and know-how.

CIMENT is the fruit of a meeting between Solène and Jérémy, who share a vision of consuming better, more locally and more responsibly. It was around this commitment that they developed CIMENT, handcrafted cold-saponified soaps made from organic ingredients, without allergens or essential oils. Our soaps are all handmade in our laboratories in Bordeaux and Paris. They are simple, graphic products, respectful of the skin and the environment.

Solène has been passionate about cold saponification for many years. After training in cosmetics legislation, she began producing full-time and joined forces with Jérémy, a passionate craftsman, to bring solid soap back into fashion, creating soaps that are not only healthy! The soaps are beautiful, graphic, smell good and moisturize the skin.

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All our soaps are handmade by our soap-makers in Paris and Bordeaux. Ciment also means offering you products with simple, natural and effective compositions for smaller, simpler routines, marking our commitment to Slow Cosmetic.

Simple formulations, as natural as possible. We develop the products ourselves in our Paris laboratory, carefully selecting the finest ingredients to ensure that our cosmetics are ecological, natural, effective and pleasant to use. Our aim is to develop formulas with as few ingredients as possible, while excluding controversial ones. As a result, all our oils are organically grown, all our fragrances are allergen-free and all our products are preservative-free.

Transparency and traceability. Because the cosmetics industry is all too often opaque, with incomprehensible ingredient lists, we do our utmost to reveal everything about the compositions of our products. Designed in our offices, sourced from French partners, printed by our small printer and manufactured in our workshop, we ensure complete traceability of our products.

Guaranteed sensoriality. For us, solid doesn't mean boring! Far from it, we've concocted solid products in which sensoriality takes pride of place: delicate, singular fragrances to perfume your bathroom, colors and patterns meticulously crafted to offer you products that are as beautiful as they are delicious!

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