Gua Sha Comb Gua Sha Comb

Gua Sha Comb




Designed to remove tension and stimulate the scalp, the comb offers an ideal addition to every hair care ritual.

Made of Bian stone, which contains up to 40 trace minerals and formed around 65 million years ago when a meteorite collided with Earth in Shandong, China.

Studies have shown that the stone emits infrared waves, which help ease inflammation and promote circulation, making it the perfect material for the Gua Sha.

MATERIAL: Bian stone

HOW TO USE: The Gua Sha Comb is designed as a massage tool to stimulate the scalp – helping nutrients and oxygen to flow better to the hair follicles, stimulating hair growth while promoting relaxation.

With gentle pressure, move the Gua Sha over the scalp in either short S strokes or elongated strokes to detect where you hold tension.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Sandor recommend keeping your stone in the box in between use, as it can break if dropped. Wash with mild soap and water after use.



After years of working in fashion, hairstylist Sabrina Szinay had tried countless hair products without finding one that successfully merged excellent performance and sustainable design. This ignited her journey to create Sándor, named after her grandfather.

This led her to the start Sandor with the dream to become the first luxurious, plant-based hair care brand to focus on sustainable practices. Sándor is woman-founded and owned with a dedicated attention to detail when it comes to creating zero waste packaging, leaving no waste to go to landfills.