YŌLI guide to Turkish cotton

Ever wondered why all the best cotton and towels seem to come from Turkey? At OT, we've taken the greatest care in curating a range of towels that have the best quality and design. Our newest towel brand YŌLI break down the benefits of Turkish cotton in a simple and informative guide to Turkish cotton. 

Why Turkish cotton?
Inspired by Roman bathhouses, Turkish cotton has been crafted into towels for centuries that exude luxury. This long-fibre cotton can be found exclusively in the Aegean Region of Turkey, which has been certified as 100% organic. Turkish cotton’s length, smoothness and strength make it greatly absorbent and durable, not to mention gentle on your skin. You can forget about crusty and fuzzy towels with this plush and premium fibre. Like most finer things, Turkish cotton continues to improve over time.

Can Turkish cotton go in the dryer?
Turkish cotton can go into the dryer, in fact, it is preferred to ensure the longevity and plushness of your YŌLI towel. However, ensure that it is set to low or medium heat as greater amounts of heat can disturb the fibres, affecting the softness of your towel.

Are Turkish cotton towels absorbent?
Turkish cotton is spun into long and durable threads that create a greatly absorbent towel. Towels made from this fibre are widely known as the most absorbent on the market.

Turkish cotton vs Egyptian cotton?
Egyptian cotton, whilst plush, retains a lot of moisture after use. This results in the potential to create mould and a damp aroma you do not want lingering. Turkish cotton is the perfect balance of absorbency and quick drying, with of course being the most plush to touch.

Is it sustainable?
Grown in the Aegean Region instantly certifies this fibre to be called Organic Turkish cotton which is 100% organic. Due to its natural softness and absorbency, no heavy or harmful chemicals are needed to produce this cotton. All YŌLI towels are produced under the Clean Energy program. Our manufacturing partner has been selected for their pioneering efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of production by investing in a Solar Power Plant (SSP) both on the production infrastructure and on the field, with a total installed capacity of 20MW. YŌLI also has numerous certifications of sustainability that can be found here.

What does OEKO-TEX mean?
YŌLI has achieved STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® on towelling. This worldwide known, and highly respected, certification ensures that all aspects of the product have been tested for any harmful substance, and are free from such.

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