TOP 5: Bathroom Bins

As much as we would prefer them not to be, bins are a vital part of any bathroom and chances are you'll have one on display.

Since you've just spent a great deal of money and time making the bathroom of your dreams, it would make sense to want your bathroom bin to be just as beautiful!

We've put together our list of top bathroom bins, so whether you want the bin to stand out or blend in you'll be sure to find something in this list!

 1. Nova Pedal bin by Zone

Available in 10 colours (!!) this sleek-design features a soft-close lid and with these colour options you'll be able to match any wall or floor tile.


2. Brushed Brass bin by Tina Frey

This is a perfect example of a bin you want out in the open! The hand-sculpted Tina Frey brushed brass bin is hand-finished with care resulting in unique variations in each item.

3. Ume Pedal Bin by Zone

The little brother of the Nova bin, the Ume pedal bin is smaller but still very practical holding 4L of waste. It has an internal bucket which can easily hide a liner and is available in 5 colours with a whole matching range of accessories. 


4. Tip bin by Authentics

The award-winning Tip bin by Authentics is available in 7 colours but our favourites are the black and white bins, which feature matching coloured rods.


5. Pedal Bin by Frost 

The Pedal Bin by Frost is designed and manufactured in Denmark. It is available in 2 sizes and comes with its very own bin liners! 

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