Styling with brass

Trends come and go, especially in bathrooms. Who can forget the apricot and mint bathrooms of the 50's and 60's? Or the orange and mustard shag carpets of the 70's (yes- even in bathrooms!).

But the great thing about choosing accessories for your bathroom is that they are interchangeable and can be updated with time. Think of your bathroom as the blank canvas- neutral fixtures and fittings and then add your splash of colour with accessories and styling.

One of our favourite trends in bathroomware of late is brass. In the last few years we've seen a resurgence of brass tapware, basins and even bathtubs. While this is a bold statement, it can sometimes be a risky one that not everyone can accommodate. 

So the other option is to use this trend as a styling theme. We have a whole range of beautiful natural brass items available at Oliver Thom- from brushed brass trays and soap dispensers to incense holders and even paired with glass accessories. 

Brass is complimentary to many colours but our favourite combination has to be brass and varying shades of green. The inspiration coming from the natural green patina that forms on un-lacquered brass, its clearly a match made in heaven! 

Shop our brass and accompanying items below.