Skandinavisk next generation

Exactly seven years after their launch, Skandinavisk have changed everything.

The fragrance approach, the formulae, the packaging, the sourcing, the design. The footprint.

Not because they weren’t proud of what they have done so far, more because they know they can be even better.

You could say it comes from seven years of experience in perfume, flame and cosmetics, and of learning not just to walk, but to run.

But it really emerges from a growing awareness that the buying decisions we all make have a consequence on more than just our bank accounts.

Whether or not one believes in a climate crisis, it’s impossible to keep pretending our global appetite to consume – and industry’s rising control of the environment to indulge it – aren’t having a very negative impact on our shared future.

So with that Skandinavisk release their next generation range of home and personal fragrance. The same fragrances we all know and love, just with an updated focus on sustainability and longevity. 

The Skandinavisk Next Generation home fragrance collection is more local, natural, organic, ethical and responsible.

The Wax

The new base for Skandinavisk candle wax is extracted from traceable, sustainably farmed and non-GMO Swedish rapeseed oil. It is blended to burn as stably and slowly as their previous wax bases, just with less overall impact.

Glass for keeps

The new candle glass is larger and more durable for better heat protection and longer life. The glass is made in the EU, contains up to 30% recycled materials, and is dishwasher-proof for more reuse options once the wax is finished. The engraved beechwood lid is FSC-certified.

Boxes from the forest

The packaging card is responsibly sourced from Swedish forests and FSC-certified. Vegan and cruelty-free (never tested on animals).


Shop the new range online at Oliver Thom here