Seven tips for the perfect small bathroom bin

Although virtually every bathroom in the country will be home to a small bathroom bin, surprisingly little attention is paid to this hygiene essential! We're about to change that with an up-close focus on the humble toilet bin. Taking the time to take note of the seven considerations we've listed below won't just optimise the chances of ending up with a bin that looks amazing, it'll also ensure that your bin is functional, durable and appropriate for use in the challenging conditions the bathroom can present. No matter what shape, size or decor your bathroom might have, use these tips to decide on a bin that will be a real asset to your interior space.


Privacy matters

The bathroom bin is intended as a receptacle for used tissues, make-up wipes, dental floss and other discarded personal hygiene products. Nobody wants to use the bathroom whilst someone else's waste hygiene materials are on view! This is why one of the most important features of a bathroom bin is that, once discarded, the contents are hidden from outside view. Rather than a bin with an open top, we suggest a pedal-operated bin with a solid lid, or a flip bin, which swings shut once rubbish has been discarded into it.


Trapping odours

Some types of bathroom waste can have an unattractive odour. To keep your bathroom smelling fresh and inviting, we suggest opting for a bin that has a close-fitting lid. It's also helpful to have a lid which shuts automatically once waste has been deposited. The traditional pedal-bin is an absolute winner here, particularly if it has an additional seal around the top for extra tight closure. Keeping the bin size small is also an advantage, prompting daily emptying to avoid a build-up of smelly waste that can make it harder to keep the bathroom odour free.


Easy to empty

A regular bathroom chore, it's important to make sure a bin is designed for straight-forward emptying. All too often, bins can have stiff lids, sharp edges or apertures that don't open sufficiently wide for the liner containing rubbish to be safely and easily removed. Check the sizing and construction of a bathroom bin before purchase: the bin needs to be sized so that a standard liner will fit in it correctly, as well as have a design that means emptying is simple and fast. Check that the liner can be securely fitted within the bin - if the liner isn't secure, there's always the risk that waste will end up trapped between the bin wall and the liner. Some bins, such as those in the Ume range, feature a separate interior bucket to contain the liner. This helps to ensure the exterior of the bin remains pristine, as well as making cleaning easier.


Foot operated works well in the bathroom

Many bathroom activities involve hands which are soapy, wet or covered in hygiene products. In these circumstances, it's difficult to discard waste without getting the bin wet or soiled. In addition, it's important that hands remain hygienic whilst using the bathroom. In most bathrooms, a foot-operated pedal bin is the perfect option. Safe, hands-free use ensures waste can be discarded effortlessly and hygienically. The Nova pedal bin, for example, has a beautifully smooth pedal-operated mechanism, as well as a soft-close feature for quiet operation.


Hygienic materials for a challenging environment

Bins can be made of almost anything, but small bathroom bins need to be constructed from materials that are both easy to clean and also can withstand the temperature changes and high humidity which are typical of a bathroom interior. Coated metal alloys or synthetic materials are both good choices. These are typically tough enough to cope with bathroom life, at the same time as being durable enough for use with cleaning detergents. The Ume range, for example, is constructed from soft-touch plastic alongside ABS (a durable polymer). If possible, look for bathroom bins made from materials that can be recycled at the end of their natural life cycle.


In general, avoid rectangular bathroom bins!

A design that can be thoroughly and easily cleaned is an essential attribute in a bathroom bin. Unfortunately, any design which features corners is going to provide an opportunity for dirt and grime to be deposited in parts of the bin which are difficult to reach. A curved or circular bin shape is much easier to keep clean. Our Nova and Ume ranges are perfectly shaped for bathroom use. Bin liners also tend to sit better in a bin with a circular base, reducing the risk of the dreaded "liner sag". If you do opt for a bin with a rectangular shape, be prepared to spend extra time keeping it immaculate.


Discreet bathroom addition, or powerful visual statement?

Although the contents of the bin needs to remain discreetly hidden, there's no reason for the exterior of the bin to be drab or unappealing. If you prefer a monochrome palette, a white or grey toilet bin can blend pleasingly with your other bathroom accessories. For individuals who prefer a splash of colour, or who like to stay on-trend with their bathroom accessory palette, the TIP 7l pedal bin comes in a number of vibrant shades, including pink, green, violet and turquoise. One of the advantages of a bathroom bin is that it is a relatively economical investment. This means that if you wish to change the colour scheme in your bathroom without a total makeover, a new bin in a fresh shade can make a real difference to the look of your bathroom space without breaking the bank.

Bin design has come a long way in recent decades. Contemporary bins are carefully styled by top designers to provide attractive, striking visual additions to your home that are also extremely functional. Take a look at our inspirational Ume and Nova bin ranges to discover the amazing variety of high-quality, attractive bathroom accessories on offer.

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