OT Guide: Gifts

News flash: Christmas is just around the corner! And if you've been searching high and low for gifts, look no further my friends. Here at Oliver Thom, we have put together our top items (curated by colour scheme, of course) to gift that someone special this holiday season.

Natural (Clockwise from top) Andrée Jardin Tradition Body Brush $25.00, Yamazaki Tosca Tool Box- Large $59.00, Norden Ojai Ceramic Candle $79.00, Menu Pepe Marble Mirror-Brown $1,100.00, Saarde Soap Holder- Brass $29.00, Tina Frey Vanity Tray Brushed Brass $334.00, Frama Apothecary Hand Wash 500ml $98.00, Menu Norm Towel Ladder- White/Oak $975.00

Rose (Clockwise from top) Zone Ume bath set-Nude (various prices), Tina Frey Tissue Box- White $196.00, Norden Manzanita Glass Candle $49.00, Skandinavisk Rosenhave Ceramic Candle $125.00 & Vase Diffuser $125.00, Lucie Kaas Erat Mirror- Pink $268.00, Menu Sweeper & Funnel- White $139.95

Forest Green (Clockwise from top) Mette Ditmer Shades Green Soap dispensers $78.00 and Tumblers $47.00, Linge Particulier Waffle towels- Vintage Green, from $41.00, Tina Frey Bin- White $490.00, Skandinavisk Skog Diffuser $79.00 and Candle $59.99, Norden Vik Candle $49.00, Lucie Kaas Erat Trays $268.00 and Soap Dish $134.00, Authentics Tip Bin- Black $75.00

Monochrome (Clockwise from top) Zone Table Mirror- Black $75.00, Frost Chamberstick Candleholder- Black $120.00, Menu Sweeper & Funnel- Black $139.95, Tina Frey Wall Hook- White Small $42.00, Menu Pepe Marble Mirror- Black $1,100.00, By Wirth Leather Toilet Paper Holder- Black $99.00, Ex.T Dot Marble Hook- Black Marquinia $199.00, Norden Kaaterskill Hand Wash $39.95, Tina Frey Wall Hook- White Medium $55.00