LESSE is more

A new way of thinking about organic skin care; a ritual, not routine.


LESSE is a new way of thinking about organic skin care. A simplified ritual of uncompromising, efficacious essentials. Rigorously researched, meticulously formulated and thoughtfully packaged — for optimal impact on your skin and minimal impact on our planet.

Founded on a philosophy that less is more, the product line is a discerning edit of only the essential—supportive products made from efficacious and uncompromising ingredients, to elevate skin and one's everyday rituals. A way to reduce consumption, clutter; and clear the way for a slower and more intentional approach to beauty.

From organically cultivating many of their ingredients to packaging in recycled and recyclable materials, LESSE's focus is to find better solutions without compromising on efficacy, experience, or the integrity of our planet. LESSE believe in constant evolution to remain on the forefront of sustainability in skin care.

LESSE is now available at Oliver Thom. Shop online or experience the range in our Woollahra store