Introducing: Austin Austin

Here at Oliver Thom, we have quite specific criteria when it comes to sourcing product for the store. Not only does the design need to be aesthetically pleasing and functional we also prefer the product to be made in an ethical way and be as sustainable as possible. 

So you can imagine our complete joy when stumbling across Austin Austin. The first thing that caught our eye was the beautifully packaged bottles and branding, then upon reading more about the brand we found out about their focus on sustainability and organic products which sealed the deal!

The company was founded and is run by daughter/father duo Bessie & Richard Austin. Richard has a background in organic products and wholefoods and Bessie in design and advertising, "As a family run business we are committed to making these products as good as they can be and we undertake almost every process close to home in East Anglia. We want every bottle of Austin Austin to be of exquisite quality, to be a canvas for artwork on the bathroom shelf and to be priced in a way that ensures that our products don’t become too precious to be properly enjoyed every day." 

The Product: 

All Austin Austin products are certified Organic by the Soil Association and COSMOS.

This means that the Organic ingredients are traced back to the fields where they were grown without the use of added pesticides, making for healthier soil and more wildlife. Organic certification is a guarantee that at every stage thought and care is given to reducing environmental impact.

Organic crops are up to 60% higher in antioxidants compared to non-organic. They also have a higher count of vitamins, mineral salts, essential fatty and amino acids which are crucial for skin-cell function and repair.

The principle of taking better care of the soil, our environment and ourselves by choosing Organic food and products is close to the heart of Austin Austin. Richard has been registered with the Soil Association since 1979.

Design & Packaging:

Austin Austin are working with artists who draw, paint and make for a living.

They have cleared space on the front of their boxes and bottles to showcase artists' work as unencumbered as possible.

It is Austin Austins ambition to bring as much care and thought to the aesthetics of their products as is taken with the ingredients that go in them.


Oliver Thom is proud to supply the full range of Austin Austin products in Australia. View the full range here.