9 Simple Tricks to Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

There's nothing better after a long day than stepping into your own personal sanctuary and unwinding. Most of us don't dedicate enough time into pampering ourselves and will often wait for a special occasion to really relax and rejuvenate but it is important to make this a regular ritual not only for an end of day session but to start your day feeling reinvigorated. 

We've listed 9 easy things you can do to create your own personal spa at home so that you always have access to a space that encourages 'me time' and a place to focus on your well being and mental nourishment.

1. Luxurious textures

One thing that stands out about spa experiences is the quality of the textiles. Its time to throw out your old, rough towels and invest in some good quality towels, such as plush waffle style or Turkish towels. Wrap yourself in a robe like our 100% linen French kimonos for the ultimate luxe feeling. 

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2. De-clutter

To clear the mind, we must first clear our environment. Having a bathroom full of 'stuff' does not inspire serenity. Add some clever bathroom storage such as baskets or toolboxes to store your products in or hide them away in your cabinets to instill a feeling of minimalism and clarity. 

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 3. Scent the space

Our sense of smell is probably the most important of the senses when it comes to creating a relaxing atmosphere. By using fragrances in the form of reed diffusers, candles or incense you'll instantly transform the bathroom into a luxurious spa. Focusing on natural ingredients such as rosehip, lavender and jasmine will promote relaxation and infuse the room (read our blog on choosing scents here).

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4. Mix in greenery

Adding some house plants or flowers to your bathroom will instantly give it a spa-like feel. Plants that thrive in bathroom environments like the snake plant, aloe and orchids will work best and will give your bathroom a fresh, natural ambience.

5. Brush up

For a spa-worthy massage, natural brushes are great to include in your bathroom. Whether they're used for exfoliating, dry brushing or lathering in the bath, displaying your wooden brushes is an easy way to add some stylish accessories to your bathroom decor while also serving a purpose. 

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6. Add a side table stool

This is probably one of the most underrated pieces of bathroom furniture, but adding a simple stool or side table can make all difference. Not only will it serve as a place to sit when applying lotions, it can be styled with your favourite products beside your bath and become an aesthetic feature to the space.

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7. Include music

We often forget one of the most relaxing part of spa treatments- the music! We're not saying you have to pump out Enya or a whale soundtrack (or do, if that's your thing!), put together a playlist of your favourite tracks and use this as the background to your relaxing ritual. This will help you unwind and really enjoy your bathroom/spa experience. 

8. Use good quality products

You don't attend a spa treatment and expect to have supermarket products used on you, so why should you not use the best products on yourself at home? Invest in some high quality soaps, lotions and hair products even if its just for special occasions. Using a natural body wash, lotion, shampoo and conditioner will have your skin and hair feeling brand new and like you just left a 3 hour spa session.

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9. Include luxe finishes

Touches of opulence will further enhance your home-spa experience, include some gilded trays, soap dispensers and dishes to instantly create a lush environment. 

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With our busy schedules and family time, it can be easy to forget to give yourself some time to reset and meditate. Having this dedicated space to reflect and prepare for the week should be encouraged.

Pour yourself a glass of wine, turn on some soft background tunes, plunge into a scented steaming bath and repeat as required!