How to turn Social Distancing into Self-Care

2020 may not have started in the greatest of ways, especially for our Island home. Our strength and endurance was tested first up by the huge bush fires we experienced and then again with the flooding not long after. And now we begin what's sure to be a long road of social distancing and potential isolation due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The economic ramifications of this will no doubt be extraordinary which is why it is so important to support small businesses now more than ever. 

We at Oliver Thom are a destination store- located in a small corner of Edgecliff Road, a short walk down from Bondi Junction and the hustle and bustle of a large shopping centre. While we close for lockdown, we're trying to keep business going as usual online and focus on the new home life we've all been thrust into. 

We think the call for social distancing and self-isolation might actually be a great excuse to focus on your wellness (both physical and mental). And what better way to do that than by creating a home-spa environment. 

Long Soak

There is seriously nothing more healing than a long bath in steamy water sprinkled with some OT bath minerals or salts. Adding a daily bathing ritual to your isolation will give you a chance to meditate and reflect with the help of calming scents and moisturizing minerals. 

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 Relax in a Robe

One of the perks of being in isolation and not having to see anyone is that you can stay in your lounge wear all day long. Our Linge Particulier Waffle Kimono's are made of 100% washed linen and our Baina towels with certified Organic Cotton- both are super soft and perfect for curling up in a comfy chair and reading your favourite book. 

View our range of robes & towels here.


Scent is a powerful tool when it comes to relaxation and home fragrance is an easy way to give your space that home-spa feeling. Whether its diffusing some essential oils, lighting a scented candle or burning some incense- creating a pleasant fragrance is the key to enjoying a meditative space in your own home to dedicate to wellness. 

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Cleanse & Hydrate

While practising hand hygiene is being highlighted at the moment, isolation is a good chance to make sure this is carried through to your entire body. Use some beautiful and natural body wash to cleanse your hands and body. Don't forget to moisturise after with some oils or lotion to restore moisture to your skin. 

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