5 ways to inject colour into your bathroom

As our bathrooms are becoming a more furnished room of the home and a place we use as a retreat from daily life- we are yearning for the space to be welcoming and a reflection of our personal style. 

Adding colour and texture by way of accessories and towels is an easy way to inject some personality into the space. This is also an excellent way to spruce up the bathroom if its looking a little old and tired or if you're renting and not able to change permanent fixtures. 

We've rounded up our favourite pieces to introduce colour into your bathing haven. From deep tonal shades to the light and brights for the bold user. 

1. Bon Bon towels by Castle & Things

The Castle & Things Bon Bon range of towels is a sure-fire way to add an explosion of colour and pattern to your bathroom. The range includes bath towels, bath mats and hand towels and is designed here in Sydney! Win, win.


2. Shades by Mette Ditmer

If you're after something a little more tonal and muted but still wanting to introduce some colour into your space- the Shades accessories are for you. The range is available in 4 tones: pine green, grey, wine and night blue. Within these tones, each piece is either light or dark making a beautiful eclectic mix of shades. From soap dispensers to toilet brushes this set will ensure you leave nothing out. 


3. Glass Oil Burners & Incense Holders by Fazeek

Fazeek are always coming up with beautiful and unique designs, and their latest range of glassware includes an oil burner and incense holder in beautiful and bright colours. These pieces are the best combo of a product that will inject a subtle pop of colour while infusing your bathroom with relaxing and atmospheric fragrance.


4. Nova bins by Zone

Just because they are bins- doesn't mean they shouldn't look as nice as everything else in the bathroom! You've probably heard us say that bins are our most popular product and what we get asked for the most often, and to us it makes total sense. They are a necessary and practical item which often is overlooked in the design scheme, so we gladly offer a great range of coloured bins to suit any space!


5. Kristall by Decor Walther


Ok so this range is definitely on the high-end scale of the spectrum but if you're looking for a one-off wow piece- this is it! The Kristall range by Decor Walther is made of crystal glass in Germany and is the most luxe colour you can bring into a bathroom. 


Shop all and more in store or online at OT and give your bathroom a colour boost!