How to get your bathroom looking perfect for Holiday Entertaining

The holiday season most probably means entertaining and hosting in your home- whether its a small family gathering or a NYE party filled with friends and neighbours you want your home looking perfect for the influx of guests.

Along with getting the house up to scratch, it is important to continue the styling in the bathroom- where no doubt everyone will visit at least once!

We've put together some tips on how to turn your every-day bathroom into a stylish retreat in 5 easy steps.

1. Hand soap & lotion

Encourage your guests to wash up properly with some luxurious hand wash, it can be a liquid soap or a bar soap, but present it nicely on a tray or soap dish to avoid spills on your vanity top or basin. EXTRA TIP: Always include a hand lotion for that extra touch of luxury.

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2. Hand Towels

There's nothing worse than washing your hands and only having someones used bath towel as the hand-wiping option. It is imperitive to give your guests a clean hand-towel to wipe their hands. Our advice is to roll up a few small hand towels or face washers and display them in a tray or fold neatly in a pile beside the basin. EXTRA TIP: Make sure there is a basket or similar for the used towels.

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3. Hangers or Surface areas

Guests will sometimes bring their bags into a bathroom, so make sure you have somewhere to hang a bag or a jacket- whether its a hook behind the door or on the wall. EXTRA TIP: If you have the space, a stool in the bathroom is another option to hold bags and other items.

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4. Necessary items

As much as we hate to admit it, there's a high chance someone will need to use the toilet brush at your event. These necessary items include waste bins, toilet brushes and even tissue boxes and since they'll be on display they should look as nice as possible. 

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 5. Fragrance

Lastly and most obviously- adding a lovely scent to your bathroom is a must at holiday time. A scented candle, whether its Christmas-themed or not, will fill the room with a beautiful fresh fragrance and finish off that luxe experience you want your guests to feel. EXTRA TIP: If you're worried about leaving a lit candle in the bathroom, you can always use a reed diffuser or an ultrasonic diffuser (with some essential oils) which will have the same effect without an open flame. 

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