How to choose the perfect candle for Mum

There's a few things we are certain Mum wants for this Isolation Mother's Day- a video call, a breakfast delivery from her favourite local cafe and a scented candle! It's the go-to gift for Mum's who have everything but can be tricky to decide upon with the multitude of fragrances available. So we've taken out the hard part and put together an easy guide for your Mother's Day candle gifting.


Smells like: berry icecream

Some Mum's just love the sweeter things in life. BÆR (pronounced bare) by Skandinavisk is a berry scented candle that is inspired by family trips to the forest to forage for cloudberries, blueberries and lingonberries, of sweet-smelling reductions on the stove and warm, zingy sauces poured over ice cream. And if that doesn't sound sweet enough, it comes in a pink painted glass vessel to show Mum how much you really love her!

Adventure seeker

Smells like: Deep wood tones, bright desert herbs, eucalyptus

The Joshua Tree candle by Norden is the perfect candle for the adventurous Mum (who's stuck inside!). It is made with a complex blend of dry, woody hinoki, resinous juniper, eucalyptus, and extracts from herbal desert plantlife and will transport her straight back to the boulder dotted desert of California. Once the candle is burned down- Mum will be left with a beautiful speckled stoneware vessel- perfect for housing hot chocolates for the upcoming winter months!

Australian Native lover

Smells like: fresh cucumber, native berries

If your Mum loves nothing more than the fresh flora and produce of this fine country we live in then you cannot go past the Kakadu Plum and Bush Cucucmber Terrazzo candle by Fazeek. It combines fresh notes of fir needle with natural, leafy greens. Kakadu plum + bush cucumber is a fruity and herbaceous botanical beauty with some base notes of vanilla and amber. And as an added bonus the Fazeek range is hand-poured locally in Melbourne with all-natural and vegan ingrediants. 


Design enthusiasts

Smells like: wood, rose and bergamot

Frama's range of Apothecary products include candle 1917- named after the year the infamous French Chypre fragrance was created, which the candle is inspired by. The Bougies Parmfumées are contained in a dark glass beaker which the flame casts through and releases the perfumes of wooden notes of moss and grass from the Mediterranean Cypriot flora and creates a deep, mysterious character.

Nature Lover

Smells like: forest berries

If your Mum enjoys the outdoors, connecting with nature and a good relaxing fragrance then look no further than the Lysning (Danish for forest glade) candle by Skandinavisk. The dense boreal forest canopy occasionally reveals glades and clearings, hidden escapes where the sunlight touches the ground and the flora responds in abundance. This candle emits a subtle and beautiful aroma of Mosses & lichens, pine needles & cloudberry.


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