Spotlight on: Andrée Jardin

In 1947, already married for a long time, he opened his own factory: the adventure began. Over the decades, bristles are increasingly supplying the industry and, from father to son, they specialised in custom-made brushes.

The invention of plastic and the beginnings of globalisation soon devalued everything that used to be called "Paris articles": hair brushes, toilet brushes, toothbrushes, make-up brushes, clothes brushes, household brushes, brooms ... So much so that even today it is very difficult to find a real broom, a real brush and, what is more, a real duster.

With this in mind, Jean-Baptiste and François-Marie, Andrée's grandsons, reissue the mythical brushes with frames in French beech: real brooms that last!

To buy an Andrée Jardin brush is to engage alongside a manufacturer who guarantees the preservation of French know-how.

The Brosserie Julio (manufacturer Andrée Jardin brand) continues today the century tradition of the brush industry: the work of the bristles is based on the experience of several generations where nothing replaces the human touch, the only way to get an exclusive quality.

The manufacture, in small quantities, remains artisanal still today. This is the best way, in our eyes, to fight against products imported from Asia and the disposable everything imposed by the wipe systems.

Simplicity, quality, sustainability: it's the DNA of the brand!

Our brushes, whether horse hair or silk, perfectly protect and clean modern floors as the most precious: natural stone, terracotta, waxed concrete, mosaics, rare parquet...

To buy Andrée Jardin products is to give meaning to its purchases and to set limits to waste, novelty for novelty and unfulfilled promises.

Andrée Jardin is a "love brand", a brand that enjoys the unfailing support of a circle of aficionados of all ages and living in all types of interior.

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