A considered line of modern, organic cotton towelling.

BAINA creates a considered line of modern, organic cotton towelling. Representing the reconnection to one’s bathing routine, the brand elevates the everyday object through modern design, mindful craftsmanship, and a season-less approach. Inspired by fine art, sculpture, architecture and colour theory, BAINA towelling subtly disrupts the neutrality of the bathing space.

Founded in 2019 by Bailey Meredith and Anna Fahey, BAINA is designed in the Antipodes and thoughtfully produced in Portugal using GOTS-certified cotton. The brand curates modern, organic cotton towelling designed to create ceremony in the daily bathing routine.

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BAINA towels are crafted with both form and function in mind, striking a perfect balance between stylish design and practicality.

The towels are made from double-looped terry cloth with weights ranging from 500gsm to 950gsm, ensuring a soft and absorbent feel while effectively drying quickly after use.

The double-looped terry construction of the towels, achieved by twisting two cotton threads in each pile, creates an upright, high-density loop that draws moisture deep into the base of the towel for superior absorbency.

Our towels are manufactured in Portugal, home to some of the world's most skilled and established towelling mills, renowned for their commitment to social accountability, environmental impact, and technological innovation.

BAINA towels carry several certifications, including SMETA for best practices in labor, health and safety, ethics, and environmental impact, Oeko-Tex Certification, Organic Content Standard Certification, and BCI Better Cotton Initiative accreditation.

Made from 100% organic cotton.

BAINA towels are crafted from 100% organic cotton, a natural and biodegradable fiber that offers superior absorbency and a soft hand-feel.

Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton is produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, synthetic dyes, or genetic modification, which can lead to soil degradation, pollution, and health problems for farmers.

In addition to being a better choice for the environment, organic cotton is also less likely to irritate those with sensitive skin, making it the perfect material for BAINA's luxurious and eco-friendly towels.

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