Vintage Wash Ribbed Bath Mat- Nutmeg

Vintage Wash Ribbed Bath Mat- Nutmeg


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Beautifully stonewashed Turkish Cotton with a vintage look, that soft and comfortable to stand on. The stone washing process softens the cotton fibres and increases the fabric's flexibility. Textural, ribbed stitching with fringed detailing.

100% Turkish Cotton

Machine Wash, Line or Tumble Dry

MADE IN: Turkey

DIMENSIONS: 55cm x 85cm

COLOUR: Nutmeg



Founded by Shenol and Verity Kizek, they had a vision to share the rich heritage of Turkish textiles, while bringing a fresh and modern take to these authentic items. Verity and Shenol are obsessed with quality, simple things with beautiful details and the artisan made mark.
We draw our inspiration from a combination of relaxed Mediterranean and Australian beach side living. The skilled artisans making our goods are also a source of endless inspiration and motivation. Textural luxury, natural materials, traditional techniques and pared back style. Olive groves, azure waters, salty skin, shared sunset feasts.

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