Miami Scent Diffuser- Black Marble Miami Scent Diffuser- Black Marble Miami Scent Diffuser- Black Marble Miami Scent Diffuser- Black Marble

Miami Scent Diffuser- Black Marble


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Miami Scent is a stylish ultrasonic aroma diffuser that evaporates essential oil molecules into the air. 

Miami Scent is dispersing essential oils into the atmosphere and is ideal for those who need it for therapeutic reasons. It is also ideal for those who just want their home to become cozier and return home to a favourite fragrance.

Unlike traditional aroma diffusers Miami Scent does not use a heat method to evaporate the essential oils, but works with ultrasonic vibrations. This method is superior to the heating method and has a highly beneficial effect as the essential oils keep their essences while getting released into the room and they don’t boil and deteriorate.

The device features a clean and minimalist styling that is complemented by the stunning marble effect on the base.


DESIGNED BY: Quaglio / Simonelli

FEATURES: Ultrasonic aroma diffuser - 2 Diffusion program: continual or 2h

POWER SUPPLY: USB port (included)

DIMENSIONS: Ø 11 x 15.2 cm

COLOUR: White/Black Marble



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