Lale Toothbrush Holder- Brass Lale Toothbrush Holder- Brass

Lale Toothbrush Holder- Brass




  • Solid brass- Please note: Brass will naturally develop a patina over time and is part of the charm of the material.
  • Made in India


Material: Brass

Dimensions: h 11cm, top Ø 9cm 


About Saardé

Founded by Shenol and Verity Kizek, they had a vision to share the rich heritage of Turkish textiles, while bringing a fresh and modern take to these authentic items. Verity and Shenol are obsessed with quality, simple things with beautiful details and the artisan made mark.
We draw our inspiration from a combination of relaxed Mediterranean and Australian beach side living. The skilled artisans making our goods are also a source of endless inspiration and motivation. Textural luxury, natural materials, traditional techniques and pared back style. Olive groves, azure waters, salty skin, shared sunset feasts.