Top 5 Plants for your Bathroom

Adding greenery can be an excellent way to soften the often cold and hard surfaces of a bathroom and add that extra bit of personality to the space.

The steamy and warm conditions of your bathroom can actually be a perfect climate for a lot of plants. So we've put together our top 5 plants that thrive in a bathroom and look great at the same time!

1. Mother-in-law's tongue

Officially know as Sansevieria, this tough little houseplant doesn't require much water. In fact the humidity in the air from your shower is probably enough for this pretty plant to thrive. 

2. Zanzibar

This is one of our favourite indoor plants in general, it is almost imposible to kill! It requires very little light, so you can sit it on the floor of you bathroom or a shelf that isn't close to a window. It has lovely bright green leaves on long stems.

3. Peperomia

Resembling the fan-favorite rubber plant, just tinier, Peperomia are plants in the peppercorn family, Piperaceae. Peperomia make great houseplants, are low maintenance, and clean the air.

4. Mistletow Cactus

The Mistletow Cactus (also known as Rhipsalis) is a tropical succulent native to rainforests in warm regions and requires a bit more shade than other succulents so perfect for a bathroom. It has an interesting look and perfect for perching on a high bathroom shelf or cascading down your mirror cabinet. 


A popular choice for indoors and bathrooms in particlaur is the Phalaenopsis Orchid. Its compact which means you can fit it in all size bathrooms and its beautiful flowers last for months adding some colour and elegance to any bathroom. 

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